What folks are asking...

Do you offer different packages?

In all my years of doing what I do, I still have yet to come across two identical weddings! Your big day is uniquely yours. What I offer is a comprehensive package that helps put my clients at ease - It includes everything you could need, regardless of the nuances of your day. At a minimum, my services always include a complimentary engagement/bridal shoot, unlimited hours of coverage, 2nd shooter coverage, dual digitial albums (color and b&w), online gallery access for family and friends, and comprehensive print/sharing rights.

Do you travel? How far will you go?

Of course! I love traveling and am able to shoot across the great U.S. of A., as well as Canada, Mexico, the Bahamas, and Europe. There are NEVER travel fees for weddings within 4-hours of the DFW metroplex. As a former New Yorker, I travel regularly between the South (DFW) and the East Coast (Buffalo) for work. Hot Tip: International travel is one of my favorite activities. I offer massive discounts (50%) for weddings booked in most of Europe, South America, and the Carribean.

Can you help us with our day-of timeline?

Yes I can! Most photographers will assist in building a day-of timeline. Special note: Be sure that your photographer is aware of minor details that can potentially have a MAJOR impact on the quality of your day (sunrise/sunset times, rain plans, travel strategies for groups, etc).

What if we're super awkward, or hate having our photos taken?

Join the club! There aren't many people who actually enjoy being the center of attention on a day where a few thousand photos are taken over a 12-hour span. It's not just a lot of work for me, but it's some serious work for my clients as well. There are a few strategies we can implement in order to overcome photo anxiety, or uneasiness. First and foremost, being able to work together during an egagement shoot has a profound impact on our ability to make the best of the actually wedding day. A well-planned engagement shoot gives us the opportunity to work on posing, styling, and editing. It also gives you the opportunity to get hands-on and offer feedback during the editing process. What do you like? What don't you like? Natural colors? High-contrast? Light and airy? Gritty and dark? Ultimatley, working together through a successful engagement session should give you peace-of-mind that you're prepared for the big day! In addition, the professional line of equipment I use allows me to shoot from distance and harness my inner ninja. For the majority of the day, I do everything I can to blend in and not be noticed. You might even forget that I'm there! Usually, it's at that point that we're able to capture some of the best, most intimate images!

What's the deal with a second photographer?

If we decide that working together sounds like an amazing plan, you'll have me for unlimited hours during your wedding day! I also offer the option to bring along my trusty side-kick for unlimited hours as well!

How long does it take to get our photos back?

I do everything in my ability to complete albums within three weeks (which is pretty stinkin' fast compared to the industry average). It is very rare that an album would take longer than 4 weeks to complete (those albums are usually from multiple-day, or weekend-long weddings and include substantially more photos).

What kind of insurance do you carry?

I carry a $1 million umbrella policy that covers me and anyone I come into contact with. In addition, I have access to 1-day policies to cover equipment and premises based on the requirements of the venue.

Why are your rates so much lower than other area photographers?

Although I love photography, my career began in education. As a full-time community college administrator, I don't need to shoot in order to make a living. I shoot because it's my passion. As such, I understand that planning a wedding can be an incredible investment of time, money, and other resources. With costs of photography in the DFW area creeping towards $5000 for 6-8 hours of coverage, I do my best to give folks an alternative.

What kind of equipment (and backup equipment) do you carry?

I shoot full-frame with Nikon hardware. My main body is a Nikon D750 and I carry an identical D750 for backup. 99% of my shooting is done with 24-70mm and 70-200mm glass. Each camera shoots to dual, profesisonal grade SD cards, and automatically backs up to the cloud. In addition, I carry a full compliment of high-powered flashes. You photos are safe, from capture to delivery.

How do you protect our images?

Easy... Your images are never kept in only one location. Images are shot to multiple SD cards and then copied to a hard drive immediatley following your wedding day. In addition, I utilize Cloud backup to eliminate any risk associated with catostrophic hardware failure.

What's your shooting style?

Though I'm fleixble to your vision, I tend to be naturalistic by default. I prefer to leave the dinosaurs, spaceships, and other heavy retouches out of your images. In my mind, I want you to see a photo and embrace a memory that looks exactly as it did on the day of the wedding. Most photos are bright, light, airy, and invoke good vibes! I love catching candid smiles!

How many pictures are in a typical wedding album?

Most 12-hour days yeild an album containing 500-600 unique photos. Remember, you'll end up with a duplicated album in Black & White as well, so have fun looking through 1000+ pictures!

Do you offer videography?

I don't, personally, but I know a guy, who knows a guy, who met this other guy... Kidding. In all seriousness, I only ever receommend one videographer to folks. He's incredible at his craft, and he's based out of Western, NY. I'm able to share his contact info with you during our initial consultation.

How are your deposits structured, and what type of payment do you accept?

Did I mention that wedding planning can get pricey... fast? Unlike most photographers that require 50% up front, I offer a generous deposit structure and only require 10% of the total contract in order to hold your date! The remaining 90% of the contract amount isn't due until the week before of the wedding. Payments can be made via cash, Venmo, Paypal, and the Cash App.

Can we meet up before deciding to work together?

COVID Update, 7/20/20: I'm currently holding consultations and conversations via Zoom and Facetime. For sure! I actually prefer grabbing a cuppa coffee and chatting face-to-face when possible. If you're out of market, that obviously makes things difficult, but for any inquiries in the greater DFW, or Buffalo/Rochester NY areas, we could make that work! For everyone else... Facetime and Skype are great alternatives.

We want to schedule an initial conversation with Peter Joseph Photography. What now?

A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Click here to fill out a contact card. I'll be in touch within 24 hours in order to put something on our calendars.

Do you offer physical photo albums?

I do offer professional quality, printed albums. There are a number of options to consider when printing an album (binding, layout, cover material, paper quality, design, etc). Depending on your selections, albums range from $200 - $600

Can you tell us a little bit more about you?

After growing up in Western NY, we decided it was time for a change and ended up in Texas very recently (spring of 2019). I currently live in the greater Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex with my wife, Sarah, and three tiny humans, G1, G2, and G3 (it wasn't planned, but we just really happened to like names that started with the letter "G"). I've been shooting professionally for more than a decade and have grown my business from a tiny side-hustle, to a boutique enterprise. I take on around 20-25 weddings a year and love each and every one of them! My clients become my friends. Weddings turn into maternity shoots. Maternity shoots turn into family photos and so on and so forth. I prefer coffee over tea and love west coast sports. I also believe that few things can fix a rough day better than a hazy New England IPA, or milk stout. I used to be addicted to chocolate chip cookies, but am currently in recovery. I think long walks on the beach are a little boring - I'd rather take a long drive on an open road. Did I mention that I love a good dad-joke (kidding... there are no good dad-jokes). My grandfather was my hero and taught me the value of hard work and taking care of a family. I never knew fear until I had a daughter; now we're best friends. I enjoy golfing, fishing, hunting, napping, and getting outside in general. I also think we could all do a better job of just trying to get along... Life's short, choose happiness.

Unlimited hours... What's the catch?

This is the most common question folks ask me. The vast majority of photographers offer a 6, 8, or 10 hour package, with the ability to add hourly charges on top of whatever package you select. A reasonably-priced package with "Photographer X" can be deceiving when it's only serves you for half of your special day. I. Hate. That. Let me ask you a question? If the guys decide to go out for breakfast, or a round of golf at 8AM, and you start with hair and makeup shortly thereafter, how far do we get with a 6 hour package? Maybe 2 o'clock? Is a 10 hour package that much better? That would get us to 6 o'clock, which means I'd be leaving before the fun even starts. I offer unlimited hours of coverage during your wedding day becuase I don't ever want my clients to be concerned with having "enough" coverage. Wondering if your photographer will still be around to capture _______ is annoying. If you're making memories, I'll be there to help capture them - morning, Noon, and night.

Single Photographer: Total Coverage

  • Unlimited hours of wedding day coverage with Pete

  • 2 professionally retouched, digital albums (color and b&w) 

  • Drone/aerial photography (weather permitting)

  • Unlimited planning sessions via Skype/Facetime

  • 90-minute, complimentary engagement, or bridal shoot

  • Complete album hosted in a password-protected, digital album, for friends and family to view/download images at no cost

All- Inclusive at $3475

Two Photographers: Total Coverage

  • Unlimited hours of wedding day coverage with Pete

  • Unlimited hours of wedding day coverage with a 2nd shooter

  • 2 professionally retouched, digital albums (color and b&w) 

  • Drone/aerial photography (weather permitting)

  • Unlimited planning sessions via Skype/Facetime

  • 90-minute, complimentary engagement, or bridal shoot

  • Complete album hosted in a password-protected, digital album, for friends and family to view/download images at no cost

All- Inclusive at $4975